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Robert B.

Robert B.


“Peter is like the private lesson instructor I wish I had. His ability to convey these concepts is a real gift. I look forward to the new lesson every week.

Debra L.

Debra L.


“Every time I log onto my Open Studio Dashboard, I feel like a kid in a candy store…the best of the best gathered in one easy to navigate learning platform. ”




“Open Studio is awesome… I’m a classically trained musician, so happy to be here with you learning a different language.”

Meet Your Teachers

Open Studio features world-class artists at the top of their game, both as players and teachers. You’ll get inside jazz knowledge to inspire you to take your own playing to new heights. Step into the Open Studio and learn from the best.


The Open Studio Style

We demystify the secrets of playing jazz – from how to swing, what to play, how to improve, even when to clap. You’ll learn how to practice like a pro, directly from the pros! You’ll also be able to tap into the hippest global online jazz community, with member forums, private Facebook groups and exclusive access. Join us – our Studio is Open!


Living Notation

Don’t just study the video – experience the concepts, phrasing, voicings, feel, solo and thematic development first hand with our Living Notation technology. Follow in real time with our interactive notation system. It’s never been easier to get inside the mind of a modern jazz master.


Our curated courses help guide you through the core concepts of jazz progressively, with loads of camera angles and examples so you feel like you’re right beside these amazing artists.


Each course lays out specific concepts and exercises for you to practice. You’ll absorb the material fully and ingrain it in your playing immediately.


Lead sheets, worksheets, practice routines and other practice resources will help reinforce the material and give you solid fundamentals to draw on as you absorb the language of jazz.


With a vibrant community of students and artists, private Facebook groups, and professional jazz musicians on staff, you’ll have an immense network of other jazz musicians to interact with and share ideas.

"Open Studio's lessons have become an important and enjoyable part of my musical life. Not only are they great players, they are also phenomenal educators. I look forward to each and every lesson."

Marco T, Italy

"I am using so much of the info, tips and techniques available as I learn piano. And all the formats are fun and very easy to use on my computer - visuals, printouts, slow downs, charts etc. Peter's attitude and personality are just great for this format"

Robert R, USA

"I find the platform truly informative and a way to get to know lots of things about musicians I admire and learn from them"

Matias M, Argentina

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