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Starting now, you're a better player.

This is where Christian McBride, Dianne Reeves, Peter Martin, and others from the global jazz community come together. To teach players like you. Whether you’re first starting out, or starting at the Vanguard next week. Join us today. And become a better player. Guaranteed.®



Welcome to your fullest potential.

Here, beginners and professionals alike are transformed into better, more confident, more inspired jazz musicians. That’s why we’re willing to promise: you’ll be a better player. Guaranteed.®  



Nowhere else will you find teachers like this, at rates like this.

Geoffrey Keezer. Sean Jones. Dianne Reeves. Christian McBride. Major players of the world’s great rooms. Streaming lessons to your own great room. Or wherever you like to learn. Join us today. And become a better player. Guaranteed.®



We call it Living Notation. Because it brings your playing to life.

Demonstrations appear as notation in real time with Open Studio Living Notation. Add exclusive teachers from the global jazz scene today, and inspiration flows from the moment you log in. Join us today. And become a better player. Guaranteed.®



The teachers are here. The technology is here. The time is here. For you to join Open Studio.

Access to this caliber of talent, at this cost, would never be possible before. But today with streaming video and our own Living Notation software, Open Studio brings lessons from legends right to your door. Join us today. And become a better player. Guaranteed.®



You landed here for a reason.

Christian McBride, Dianne Reeves, Peter Martin and others welcome you to Open Studio. This is where top jazz players teach all players. And musicians of all levels become players at high levels. Join us today. And become a better player. Guaranteed.®



James M.

Very informative and excellent content. An amazing opportunity to learn from master jazz musicians.

Lawrence S.

There is an amazing amount of well-designed lessons! The step-by-step process is well thought out, making the student successful.

John H.

Great content for all levels. Entertaining as well as educational. I Learn something new and creative each and every time.

Meet Your Teachers

Open Studio features world-class artists at the top of their game, both as players and teachers. You’ll get inside jazz knowledge to inspire you to take your own playing to new heights. Step into the Open Studio and learn from the best.


The Open Studio Style

We demystify the secrets of playing jazz – from how to swing, what to play, how to improve, even when to clap. You’ll learn how to practice like a pro, directly from the pros! You’ll also be able to tap into the hippest global online jazz community, with member forums, private Facebook groups and exclusive access. Join us – our Studio is Open!


Living Notation

Don’t just study the video – experience the concepts, phrasing, voicings, feel, solo and thematic development first hand with our Living Notation technology. Follow in real time with our interactive notation system. It’s never been easier to get inside the mind of a modern jazz master.



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