Breaking Down Barry Harris’ Voicing Warm Up | Adam Maness

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Guides | 8 comments

Pianist Adam Maness breaks down Barry Harris’ legendary voicing warm up.

Barry Harris Voicing Warm Up PDF

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  1. christian

    hello Adam
    altérations of B (Bb) are often missing in soundslice…

  2. Adam Maness

    Hi Christian,

    All of the B’s should be flatted in the key signature.

  3. Andrea Grassini

    Hi Adam thnks for the video. I actually would love you guys to build a dedicated focus to BH core lessons.
    I am all over the web for BH stuff but if you could make a “Clinique” on him it would be great!

  4. christian

    Oups ! thank’s (I have to change my glasses…)

  5. Ramon Javier Garcia celeiro

    Great Adam, thank you.

  6. Montxo

    Hi Adam, is there some similar exercises for MINOR chords?

  7. Christian Schori

    Hi Adam, at 8:30 you talk about fingering techni (engaging your 4th..). Can

  8. Christian Schori

    you add proposed fingering to the pdf ?

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