Be part of the premiere online music education company, working with world class, award winning musical artists and providing top of the line courses and customer service to people around the world.

Digital Marketing Associate

We are seeking a sharp, highly organized and motivated individual who can execute our ongoing digital marketing tasks in a fun and creative start-up environment.


Open Studio offers a world class opportunity for academic internships for those that have a passion for music, video production, marketing, business or all of the above.  All internships offer exposure to the development of a course from a kernel of an idea to recording the session and beyond, working with Grammy award winning artists and providing a product to customers around world.

Video Editor

Working with our editing team to create the world’s best music education courses. You are focused on storytelling with video and are able to handle multi-angle cuts with ease, using Final Cut Pro or Premiere.  You will work with our three editors to provide support.

Musical Content Curator

Ideal for the musician that’s obsessed with music and has a keen eye on notation detail. You will be part of the course development and recording sessions and transcribe notations into Sebelius. You will be a critical part of the team and will have access to our studio, equipment, and courses.

Marketing and Social Engagement

If you want to prove to the world that you are a hotshot at social marketing, this is the opportunity for you. We have considerable momentum in Facebook and email marketing and need someone to help take it to the next level by monitoring activity, creating campaigns and making recommendations missed opportunities.

Audio Production

Love the making sound perfect? This is the opportunity for you. With all of our products, audio is just as important as the video. We also have audio-only content that needs some love!

Interactive Production

Does code excite you? We are always looking to make our website on the cutting edge of technology and style. 

How to apply

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume in PDF form and a link to any portfolio work to