Living Notation

Tabs, Notation and Chords

You can show standard notation, chords names or tablature to ensure that you follow every single note.

Create Loops

Easily loop sections to practice tricky passages that need to be repeated.

Change Speed

Slow down or speed up the video or audio without changing pitch, in case you wanna see something slower or zoom through the lesson.

Interactive Fretboard/Keyboard

This lets you see where notes should be played on the fretboard or piano keyboard. During playback, the notes light up in real time.

Need some help with the new features?

Keep on reading below to find out more about how to implement our new features into your practicing.

Speed Control

Slow down or speed up the lesson using the slider at lower left of the video. Slow or speed it up to whatever speed you would like and don’t worry, the pitch will not be affected.

Creating Loops

You can easily loop sections by clicking on the place that you would like to start the loop at and dragging across the notation to the place where you would like the loop to end.

This feature is especially useful for practicing a few measures over and over again until you get it down perfect.

Interactive Fretboard & Keyboard

To toggle the interactive fretboard or keyboard on or off, choose the fret or keyboard button in the bottom right corner of the video player.

Play Options

To access the play options, click on the arrows to the right of the play button on the bottom of the video player. These are very helpful options to improve your practicing with loops.

Click the “Play Looped” option if you want to have the video repeat at the end of your loop.

Click the “Play Once” option if you want to have the video end at the end of your loop.

Click the “Play with Count-in” option if you want to have the video count you in to the beginning of your loop.

Change Audio Source

If you want to hear the sheet music being played on a different instrument, you can use the synth player to choose from over 65 different instruments.

You can turn on the synth player by clicking on the “audio source” button on the bottom of the screen, to the right of the time control bar. After that bar comes up, click on “Synthetic”.  Next click on the “SmartMusicSoftSynth” button on the far left of the video player. After the bar pops out, under “Synth Options” you will see the instrument that is currently being emulated and if you click on that, you will be able to choose from a multitude of different instruments.

Practice with a Metronome

Playing with a metronome can be very helpful when practicing a new song. The metronome will produce metrical ticks based on what is being played so using this feature will help keep you in tempo while practicing.

To toggle the metronome on or off, click on the “gear button” in the bottom right hand of the video player. After the “settings bar” pops out, at the bottom, you can use the volume slider to choose how loud you would like the metronome to be. Move it all the way to the left if you want it to be off.

Resize Video and Tab

Do you want the video player to be bigger? Or maybe you want the sheet music to be bigger.  You can make them whatever size you want them to be.

To increase of decrease the size of the sheet music or video, grab the grey bar that is in-between the sheet music and the video, and drag that line to the left or the right.

Notation How You Like It

There are many different ways to read music so we want to give you as many different ways as possible. With Soundslice you can view the sheet music in standard notation, tablature or chord names (if applicable).

To show or hide the different sheet music elements, you need to click the “SmartMusicSoftSynth” button in the middle of the video player. After the SmartMusicSoftSynth bar comes out, click on the elements that you would like to toggle on the screen. You can have only one if you like, or all of them!

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