Living Notation Tutorial

by | Jul 22, 2017 | Resources | 5 comments

A walk thru of our innovative “Living Notation” features, hosted by creative content manager Adam Maness.

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  1. Angus

    That was a really useful walkthrough, Adam. Thanks. I hadn’t found the infinite scroll on my own, or even the ability to make the video larger or smaller relative to the music (or the music itself larger or smaller). These are all really nice features I just hadn’t expected, so hadn’t looked for them.

    We’ve really got no excuses left for not squeezing everything from these great lessons 🙂

  2. a p parker

    I’ve just watched the Living notation tutorial. Is it available on the lessons on Elements of Jazz course

  3. Ian

    @a p parker – yes, living notation is available in the Elements of Jazz Piano course.

  4. Jon Klekman

    I have two questions: Is there the ability to loop a part of the notation. For instance, I’d like to rehearsal a piece of a McBride blues line and loop it. Second question- is there living notation for the Rhythm Section fundamentals class? That would be really good as well. Thanks!

  5. Ian

    @Jon Klekman
    Yes, you are able to loop parts of the living notation. All you have to do is click at the part that you want to start at and drag to where you want to end the loop. Then the video player will loop that section

    Yes, living notation is available on Rhythm Section Fundamentals.

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