Ballad Pack


A curated collection of 13 lesson videos from the acclaimed Open Studio library. Enjoy lifetime access to these foundational lessons on BALLADS. With almost 3 hours of informative lessons, performances, and play-alongs. Included in this pack are 19 downloadables (pdf’s, transcriptions, lead sheets, and audio versions).

Lessons feature: Peter Martin on piano, Christian Mcbride and Reuben Rogers on bass, Sean Jones on trumpet, Steve Wilson on saxophone, Dianne Reeves on vocals, Warren Wolf on vibes, and Greg Hutchinson on drums.

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Included lessons and play alongs:

  1. Ballad Basics | Peter Martin
  2. Ballad Basics Part 1 | Sean Jones
  3. “When I Fall In Love” | Peter Martin
  4. “Chelsea Bridge” | Steve Wilson
  5. Playing Ballads Lyrically | Steve Wilson
  6. “Round Midnight” | Peter Martin
  7. Ballads | Christian McBride
  8. All About Ballads | Warren Wolf
  9. Living the Lyrics | Dianne Reeves
  10. “Sophisticated Lady” | Peter Martin Trio
  11. All About Ballads | Peter Martin Trio
  12. “When I Fall In Love” Play-Along | Peter Martin
  13. “My Funny Valentine” Play-Along | Warren Wolf


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