Guitar Chord Voicings Pack


A curated collection of 11 lesson videos from the acclaimed Open Studio library. Enjoy lifetime access to these foundational lessons on GUITAR VOICINGS. Over 3 hours of informative lessons and performances including downloadables (pdf’s, TABS, transcriptions, lead sheets).

Lessons feature master guitarists: Romero Lubambo and Peter Sprague on guitar.

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Included lessons:

  1. Chord Inversions Expanded Pt 1
  2. Chord Inversions Expanded Pt 2
  3. Chord Inversions Expanded Pt 3
  4. Bossa Nova Basics
  5. Dom 7b5 Chords in Action Pt 1
  6. Dom 7b5 Chords in Action Pt 2
  7. “Song For Kaya” Pt 1
  8. “Song For Kaya” Pt 2
  9. Solo Guitar Development Pt 1
  10. Solo Guitar Development Pt 2
  11. “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”


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