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Greg goes through very complex topics in a simple way to help you learn in the easiest way possible with this exclusive course that cannot be found on anywhere else. Greg covers everything you need to take your drumming to the next level.

You can choose to take the lessons at the recommended weekly pace, or watch them in any order you like.


Week 1

All About Sound
Hutch’s Play Along
How To Play in 2 (Featuring Reuben Rogers)
How To Tune Your Drums

Week 2: Playing In Time & Can You Guess This Song?

Week 3:  Working on the Jazz Ride Pattern pt 1 & Enjoy Yourself!

Week 4: Ride Pattern and Sounds & How to Play the Shuffle

Week 5:  A Night In Tunisia

Week 6: Playing Your Room and Tuning Your Drums & Working on the Jazz Ride Pattern pt 2

Week 7:  Hi-Hat & Quick Tip – Use The Cymbals

Week 8:   New Orleans Style Playing

Week 9:   Hi-Hat, 2 & 4

Week 10:  Dealing with the Rudiments

Week 11:  In The Studio with Hutch – Part 1

Week 12:   In The Studio with Hutch – Part 2

Week 13:   Calypso & Quick Tip – Playing Calypso in a Pick-Up Truck

Week 14:   Snare to Tom Transfers

Week 15:   Playing Drums with the Rhythm Section & Quick Tip – In The Studio

Week 16:   Playing in the Pocket

Week 17:   Trading Solos

Week 18:   A Quick Cymbals Workout

Week 19:   Another Hutch Workout

Week 20:   Beginning Practices from Jim Chapin

Week 21:   Hutch’s Accents Practice

Week 22:   Round Vs. Oval Tips

Week 23:   Sowetto Session – Part 1 & Quick Vid – How to Learn Songs at the Last Minute

Week 24:   Sowetto Session – Part 2 & Quick Tip – Hutch’s Tips for Traveling Abroad

Week 25:   Sowetto Session – Part 3

Week 26:   Sowetto Session – Part 4  & Quick Workout in the Morning

Week 27:   How To Apply What You Practice

Week 28:   Quick Tip – Brazilian Rhythms & Playing with Amazing Bass Players

Week 29:   Hutch’s Soundcheck – Part 1 & Hutch’s Soundcheck – Part 2

Week 30:   Hutch’s Soundcheck – Part 3

Week 31:   Fills – Part 1

Week 32:   Fills – Part 2

Week 33:   Fills – Part 3

Week 34:   Playing with Pianists

Week 35:   Choosing the Right Stick for You

Week 36:   Comping & Bass Drum Feathering

Week 37:   Quick Tip – Trills  & Hutch’s Bag O’ Tricks

Week 38:  Hutch’s Early Morning Quick Tips

Week 39:   Quick Tip – How to Switch from Brushes to Sticks & The Butterfly

Week 40:   Quick Tip – Philly Joe Jones & How To Practice Exercises

Week 41:   Electronic Drums & Quick Tip – Practice Routines

Week 42:   How To Play The Shuffle (Revisited)

Week 43:   Soloing and Knowing Form

Week 44:  Navigating Odd Time Signatures – Part 1

Week 45:   Navigating Odd Time Signatures – Part 2

Week 46:   Playing Fast

Week 47:   Getting Around Your Drums

Week 48:   Building Singles on the Beach

Week 49:   Left Hand Workout on the Beach

Week 50:   Quick Tip – Fills & Cymbals

Week 51:   Hard Knock Life Lesson With Clarence Penn

Week 52:   Quick Tip – Be Prepared! & Workout with Hutch


Greg covers everything you need to take your jazz drumming to the next level: walking the dog, feathering the bass drum, picking the right ride cymbal, and so much more.

Behind The Scenes

Exclusive footage of Hutch in the recording studio, on the road at sound-checks, and shedding at his home studio.

Informal and fun

Hutch breaks it down and Hutchcentuates in a fun and easy manner, always keeping it real!


Downloadable Audio

Downloadable MP3 audio versions of lessons are available to listen to on the go.

Multiple Platforms

Lessons can be watched on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Kindle Fire.


Interact with Greg and other students around the world in the exclusive Facebook group.


Gregory Hutchinson has toured and recorded with the greats: Betty Carter, Ray Brown, Red Rodney, Joshua Redman, Dianne Reeves, Joe Henderson and many more. And now through HUTCHOLOGY, you can get exclusive and direct access to the skills and techniques from this leading practitioner of modern jazz drumming.


“Pure Genius!”

Dianne Reeves

5 time Grammy winning vocalist

“Greg is an inspired drummer and master of his craft. He possesses a lifetime of knowledge and experiences, and it’s a joy to see him share his techniques and secrets with other drummers.”

Peter Martin


“The drummer of his generation.”

Jazz Magazine


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